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3 Nov

After pulling my hair out since I started this blog confounded as to why every time I click on the RSS Feed tab I get nothing but my unformatted posts, I realized it is a Goolge Chrome and Firefox browser issue, and not a me issue.  So, if you use IE or Safari you’re golden.  If not, subscribe to the Authentic Dallas feed via your favorite method or if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the icon below and let it do all the work.

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What Makes Oak Cliff, Oak Cliff & Being a Cliff Dweller

30 Sep

Good article in the Dallas Morning News today by Kael Alford about living in Oak Cliff.

OaK Cliff - A Short Commute

I’m planning on doing a post about the most authentic coffee shops in Dallas, so send me an email or post a comment and let me know what your favorite java hut is.

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Weekend Plans: Saturday College Football @ SMU, Sunday Funday Go For BBQ in The Cliff

9 Sep

Sorry for the gap between posts, busy few weeks, but I can now get back to bringing you Authentic Dallas things… starting with two great events this weekend.

Saturday – Tailgating, Everclear and Football!

Head over to the Hilltop at SMU to take in a college football game and join in on one of the best tailgate scenes in the country.  SMU hasn’t always delivered on the field after they received the Death Penalty in the late 1980’s (though they seem to be headed in the right direction with 8 wins and a bowl victory last season), but since they moved their home games back on campus and into the new Gerald J. Ford Stadium in 2000, there is little doubt the tailgating scene is worthy of a top ten ranking.

View of "The Boulevard" looking towards Mockingbird.

Unlike most colleges who host tailgaters in hot parking lots or open fields a mile from campus, SMU opens up the ample, tree lined median of Bishop Blvd. that cuts right through the heart of the campus giving fans a respite from the weather and making it a short walk to the stadium.  The location also gives tailgater’s one of the best settings for eating, drinking, and checking out the scenery around them.


Bishop Blvd. Pre-Tailgate

The best part about The Boulevard is it truly has something for everyone.  You want to imbibe, soak in the atmosphere, and watch the other big games on that day?  Then bring a cooler full of beer and let the good times roll.  Most, if not all regulars have great setups and are more than happy to share their food and  lend a chair for you to watch the games on their multiple TV setup.

Looking for more of a family atmosphere?  The Boulevard offers that too.  They typically set up games and activities for kids near the flagpole at the North end of Bishop.  You will also see kids running around playing games and tossing footballs in and around The Blvd.  You and your kids can also spend some time with Peruna, SMU’s official mascot, as he walks up and down The Boulevard.

Peruna making the Blvd. rounds dressed as a ref.

Details You Need to Know:

This week SMU plays UAB, gametime is at 7:00 pm

Ticket and season ticket information is available here

Free Tickets! To commeorate 9/11, SMU is giving away free tickets to first responders and military personnel for this weekend’s game.

The Blvd. is free and really starts hopping about two and a half hours before game time, although people will be out there much earlier. Bring what you want to drink, but more than likely you can find people willing to feed you.  If you’d rather not mooch, I recommend Goff’s Hamburgers right across Hillcrest from SMU and a two minute walk from the heart of The Boulevard.

Parking: Take DART to Mockingbird Station and hop the free game day shuttle to campus, or park at the Mockingbird DART station and take said shuttle, all for free.  The shuttle will drop you off steps from the action.

What was that about Everclear?: Everclear, yes that Everclear (and this, this and this), will be playing The Boulevard at 5:30pm Saturday.  Come for the free show and stay for the game.

Sunday – BBQ in Oak Cliff

After you get done celebrating SMU’s win and clear the cobwebs from Blvd’ing and Everclear…Sunday Funday brings us to Oak Cliff for Blues, Bandits and BBQ.

The first annual shindig will feature, you guessed it, BBQ and Blues (not sure if we will see any bandits).  The festivities will span from Davis to Tyler Street with bands indoors, outdoors and all around.  The meat used in the BBQ competition will be grass fed and from sustainable ranches, so pat yourself on the back for being so green.  Below is most of the details you need to know, but also check out Go Oak Cliff for all the pertinent info:

EATING: Staying up all night to smoke a hunk of beef may not be your idea of a good time, but you can still come out and enjoy all this tasty grass fed, sustainably produced beef, pork and chicken. We’ll be selling wrist bands that will entitle you to taste the brisket, chicken, pork ribs and homemade sausage of each competitor! Information about pre-purchasing the wrist bands will be posted here in the coming weeks.

The BBQ teams will start cooking at noon on Saturday, September 11 in the grassy area behind The Kessler Theater (1230 W Davis Street, Dallas TX 75208) and the cooking will continue all night long. The judging and tasting starts at 11:30am on Sunday, September 12. You are welcome to come up and chat with the teams while they cook on Saturday – there will be beer for sale and lots of fun before things really get kicked off officially on Sunday.

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Visit Deep Ellum for the First Time…Again

12 Aug

A nod to Deel Ellum's past


but don’t tell anyone.

I’ve loved Deep Ellum since my first visit to Dallas in the late 90’s.  Purists would say that Deep Ellum was past it’s prime by then, but I was enamored after that first visit and I thought the neighborhood had everything I always pictured a downtown entertainment district having.  Lots of street activity, a nice mix of bars, live music, and street food.  Unfortunately, every consecutive visit paled in comparison to the last, and by the early aughts Deep Ellum was an after thought when I was deciding where to hang out.

I still returned sparingly, for dinner at the Green Room or Monica’s, or lunch at Angry Dog.  I even returned for the very infrequent night out at Adair’s (mostly before or after a concert in the Cedar’s or Downtown), but the neighborhood was a former shell of itself, and frankly depressing for me and whoever I could bribe to come down to the district with me.

But now Deep Ellum is Back, and what’s great is the organic nature in how it’s happening and that most people don’t knows its going on, at least not the fickle trend setting crowd.  It is being sustained by the staying power of aforementioned Monica’s Aca Y Alla, Angry Dog, Adair’s as well as others such as St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin.  It’s being revived by the reincarnation of favorites such as Trees and Green Room.  It’s being reinvented by newcomers such as La Grange and many others.

When You Go…

Go by Dart and utilize the two new Green Line stations, including the one with the best public art in the city…

"Traveling Man" Courtesy of Matt Clarkson

The Future

I’m very excited to see how the area evolves and hope it is slow and steady so that this renaissance has staying power.  The business I am most excited to see open is the Deep Ellum Brewing Company.  I’ve been clamoring for years for a craft brewery to open in Dallas proper (Franconia is a great brewer, but they are in the ‘burbs), and I’ve even dreamed about opening one myself, in Deep Ellum no less.  I hope this is the first of many Dallas breweries and we can get a healthy scene going.

Plan Your (re)Visit to Deep Ellum

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Review: Cool Thursdays Dallas Arboretum

29 Jul

Good crowd. And surprisingly good weather too!

Thanks to my girlfriend’s planning, we went to the Dallas Arboretum’s Cool Thursdays with our friends Stevie and Colin McCartney last Thursday July 22nd.  I was dreading going because it was hot and I didn’t want to sit there and sweat like I did the week before at the Nasher’s concert series (newsflash to concert series promoters, it’s hot June, July, Aug, and sometimes September.  You have pretty much 8 other months out of the year to hold these events!).

But to my surprise when we got to the concert area and put our blanket down at 7pm, a majority of the amphitheater seating area was covered in shade and the temperature was almost pleasant.  By the end of the night there was a nice breeze and I could have enjoyed another bottle of wine or two.


  • The band was good for a cover/tribute band, but they weren’t why I was there.
  • Beautiful surroundings, but with a backdrop like White Rock Lake, it is a shame there is a canopy of tress behind the stage blocking the view of the water.
  • Believe it or not the weather.
  • Probably a lot more, but everything ran so smoothly you didn’t notice much; and that’s a good thing.


  • The non-member price of $16 for adults is in my opinion steep for a cover/tribute band.

What You Need to Know When You Go

  • The couple we went with made a delicious dinner, so I recommend you do the same.
  • Bring plenty of your beverage of choice, because you’d hate to run out.
  • Realize that most of the seating areas are on an incline, so plan accordingly with your food and drink (bring a flat surface).

Final Verdict: I give this two thumbs up.  Great, clean, sophisticated, wholesome fun and you can still drink.  I will be going back.  If you want to check it out, I recommend going October 14th to see Petty Theft.  I will do my best to check out that show as well.

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Benefit Alert: Restore the Roots of Hope

29 Jul

Wanted to pass along the following on a benefit for Hope’s Door and the vicitms & survivors of domestic abuse happening at Sweet 200 in Oak Cliff on August 7th.  There will be a silent auction, raffle drawing and cocktail party.  Jump for contact info and how you can get involved by contributing an item to the silent auction or purchasing a raffle ticket.

Continue reading

New Deep Ellum Bar: 2826 Arnetic

21 Jul

D Magazine has a “Web Exclusive” article reviewing a new bar called 2826 Arnetic (Arnetic is an acronym, for Absolutely Reluctant iN Everything That is Conforming, kind of sounds like a bar after this website’s heart).

Reading the article is my first exposure to this bar, but I will be checking the place out in the next few weeks and will report back with my thoughts.  Until then, I encourage everyone to give them some business and let me know what you think.  Also, if you know of any other bars, restaurants, etc. that deserve a mention, be sure and send an email and let us know.

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New Restaurant in the Cedars

21 Jul

The Dallas Morning News Eats Blog is reporting that a new restaurant and lounge called “Cedars Social” will be opening up this August in the Cedars at the former location of something called Sala Tex Mex.  I am very excited to hear the Cedars neighborhood is getting a new venue to add to Lee Harvey’s, The Palladium / Loft, and my favorite, Absinthe Lounge, as a new draw for the area.

I believe that of all the close in neighborhoods surrounding downtown (Cedars, Near East Dallas, Oak Cliff, West Dallas, etc.), the Cedars has the best opportunity to become an organically developed, mixed income,  urban neighborhood.  Just ask the current residents and they’ll tell you they are already making it happen.

I look forward to trying out this new venue, and I hope it adds another unique place to visit in arguably the most authentic Dallas neighborhood.

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Band Alert: Local Natives

20 Jul

I’m going to go off topic for a second, but I saw this band in Dallas a few months ago (at an authentic local music venue no less, Sons of Hermann Hall), so that’s my Dallas tie in…

If you start to follow this blog regularly, it will become apparent that I have two main hobbies/passions; sports and music.  And it just so happens one of the best bands going right now is Local Natives out of Silverlake, CA.  They will be returning to Dallas on October 6th to play the House of Blues (not so authentic), so get your tickets now as they had to change the venue when the Local Natives played Dallas in April because demand was so great.

If you’re not familiar, or you’re like me and just can’t wait, get a taste below.  Also, I linked to a few posts about the band from the best music blog on the web, Harmon Drive:

Local Natives Post

Local Natives Post 2

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Cool Thursdays at The Arboretum

19 Jul

Those people haven't caught on fire, yet...

Although the name is misleading, this is definitely a unique event.  The Dallas Arboretum is a great spot in our city and one of the few places we can enjoy nature.  This Thursday (I will be attending and if I don’t melt, I will give a recap) 4 Way Street, a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Cover / Tribute Band / Experience will be playing.

The remaining summer schedule and pertinent info can be found after the jump.  I encourage everyone  to try and make one of the dates as this a truly authentic place in our city. Continue reading

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