Visit Deep Ellum for the First Time…Again

12 Aug

A nod to Deel Ellum's past


but don’t tell anyone.

I’ve loved Deep Ellum since my first visit to Dallas in the late 90’s.  Purists would say that Deep Ellum was past it’s prime by then, but I was enamored after that first visit and I thought the neighborhood had everything I always pictured a downtown entertainment district having.  Lots of street activity, a nice mix of bars, live music, and street food.  Unfortunately, every consecutive visit paled in comparison to the last, and by the early aughts Deep Ellum was an after thought when I was deciding where to hang out.

I still returned sparingly, for dinner at the Green Room or Monica’s, or lunch at Angry Dog.  I even returned for the very infrequent night out at Adair’s (mostly before or after a concert in the Cedar’s or Downtown), but the neighborhood was a former shell of itself, and frankly depressing for me and whoever I could bribe to come down to the district with me.

But now Deep Ellum is Back, and what’s great is the organic nature in how it’s happening and that most people don’t knows its going on, at least not the fickle trend setting crowd.  It is being sustained by the staying power of aforementioned Monica’s Aca Y Alla, Angry Dog, Adair’s as well as others such as St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin.  It’s being revived by the reincarnation of favorites such as Trees and Green Room.  It’s being reinvented by newcomers such as La Grange and many others.

When You Go…

Go by Dart and utilize the two new Green Line stations, including the one with the best public art in the city…

"Traveling Man" Courtesy of Matt Clarkson

The Future

I’m very excited to see how the area evolves and hope it is slow and steady so that this renaissance has staying power.  The business I am most excited to see open is the Deep Ellum Brewing Company.  I’ve been clamoring for years for a craft brewery to open in Dallas proper (Franconia is a great brewer, but they are in the ‘burbs), and I’ve even dreamed about opening one myself, in Deep Ellum no less.  I hope this is the first of many Dallas breweries and we can get a healthy scene going.

Plan Your (re)Visit to Deep Ellum

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2 Responses to “Visit Deep Ellum for the First Time…Again”

  1. Monica's Aca y Alla August 13, 2010 at 8:08 PM #

    To everything – turn, turn, turn.
    There is a season – turn, turn, turn.
    And a time for every purpose under heaven.

    Deep Ellum may ebb and flow out of popularity with the “in” crowd, but there are a lot of us who have always seen it’s allure and once we found it, we never left! At Monica’s, we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary in Deep Ellum this fall. And we can’t imagine residing anywhere else.


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