Welcome to Authentic Dallas

19 Jul

Authentic: au·then·tic – adj – not false or copied; genuine; real

I decided to start Authentic Dallas as a way to promote the people, places, events and businesses that make Dallas unique.  The goal of Authentic Dallas is to arm you with the information you need to help Dallas create, sustain and improve the varied authentic experiences the City and surrounding areas have to offer.

What is Authentic, and who Decides?

What is Authentic Anyway?

For the purpose of this blog, we will define authentic as something that is unique to Dallas and not replicated elsewhere.  What does that mean?  For example, we will not be extolling the virtues of the new Chili’s in McKinney or Super Target in Duncanville.  However, we will definitely be talking about great neighborhoods such as Oak Cliff and Henderson Avenue, as well as local music venues, festivals, museums, burger joints, art galleries, sporting events, pubs, websites and whatever else makes up the local fabric of Dallas.  Our goal is to be the authority for locals looking for something unique to do in Dallas, as well as visitors looking for exposure to a little local flair.

Who is the decider?

Ultimately it is the readers of this blog who will decide what is authentic.  The authors of this blog will draw on their experiences living Dallas to provide content, but we will rely on the citizens of this city to provide us with new ideas, information and nominations of their favorite events, people, places and establishments.  If you know of something authentic, let us know by emailing us or by finding the link at the top right corner that says “Are You Authentic?”

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